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Normal inferior ordinary and giffen

Brian ORoark from Robert Morris University compares different types of goods using budget constraints and indifference curves. Included here are normal and...

Bienes Giffen y ordinarios

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Principios de Microeconoma. Clase 7: Efecto-ingreso y efecto-sustitucin

Efecto-ingreso, efecto-sustitucin, bien normal, bien inferior, bien Giffen, bien Veblen.

Bienes normales y bienes inferiores

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Bienes inferiores y normales

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What is a giffen good and what does the graph look like?

This video goes over what a giffen good is and what the demand curve will look like for a giffen good. More information on this topic can be found at...

Aclaracion sobre los bienes inferiores

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Giffen Good Example

This video gives a single example of how a quiescent state can change when the price of an inferior good rises, and the result is an increase in quantity...

Principios de Microeconoma. Clase 6: Variaciones de ingreso

Bien normal, bien inferior, curva de Engel, variaciones en precios, efecto ingreso, efecto sustitucin.

Desplazamientos de la oferta y la demanda. Cambios en el equilibrio de mercado

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